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King of the Shell SXS Series

King of the Shell
Side by Side race series

Races will consist of three separate classes;
1. Maximum of 900cc side by side with a structurally sound roll cage in good shape and all other basic operations of the machine in good working order.
2. 1000cc stock side by side with a structurally sound roll cage in good shape and all other basic operations of the machine in good working order.
3. Outlaw Class— structurally sound aftermarket roll cage everything else is anything goes

Races will consist of 2 qualifying races of 5 laps each around the track with a partial loop though the trails and will be held in waves of 4 machines per wave with staggered starts every 90 seconds. The combined times of both races will be used to determine the 4 fastest times which will qualify for the feature race. There will only be 20 machines allowed on the track at one time so in the event of a single class having more than 20 machines the race will be split equally. An example would be 24 machines in a class would result in 2 races of 12 machines per race.
Races will be held April through September with qualifying races being held on either the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month starting at 10 am. Check-in ends at 9:30 am on race day.
Races must have a minimum of 10 drivers for race to be run.
Driver will be allowed to have passengers as long as the passenger has the required safety equipment.
Any person under the age of 16 that wishes to participate in the series will be required to have a face to face interview with the owners of DTOR and the participant’s legal guardian prior to first race the minor plans to participate in. The final decision on the allowance of a minor to participate will be made at the sole direction of the Owners of DTOR. The guardian of the minor must provide proof of kinship prior to the interview and should provide a complete background of the minor’s prior competitions, experience and be prepared to allow the minor to run the actual course at DTOR in the machine they wish to use so we can accurately access the skill level of the minor.

Qualifying race payouts per class:

1st 25 1st Place of Feature race $750
2nd 22 2nd Place of Feature Race $250
3rd 19 3rd Place of Feature Race $200
4th 16 4th Place of Feature Race Free entry to next race
5th 14 5th Best Time Free entry to next race
6th 12 6th Best Time Free entry to next race
7th 10 7th Best Time $0.00
8th 9 8th Best Time $0.00
9th 8 9th Best Time $0.00
10Th 7 10th Best Time $0.00

Series Point payouts per class:
The points earned for all races will be totaled and the top three drivers will receive the following payouts for each class.
1st $5,000
2nd $1,000
3rd $500

The Above listed payouts are minimums and may increase throughout the year with added sponsorships and increased attendance. Any increases in payouts will be listed prior to the races they will affect.

After much feedback, we have decided to split the 800/900cc class to the following:

800cc and under
Monthly races will still payout the same amount for each class. The points payout championship for the 800cc and 900cc class will be split. 50% for the 800cc class and 50% for the 900cc class. Hopefully this will make these races a little more fair.

We are also changing the the number of laps in the qualifying heats. From this point forward we will be doing 2 qualifying heats per class. Each heat consisting of 2 laps. The best 4 qualifying time will move on to the feature race which will be 5 laps.

Event schedule will be posted the week of the race.

Series Rules:
1. There will be a $50.00 entry fee for each machine racing which includes park entry for the driver and one pit person.
2. The track will be available every Friday between 9 and 6 the day before racing for practice, $15.00 track fee.
3. Absolutely no Alcohol or Drugs.
4. All drivers must wear a minimum of a 4 point harnesses ( 5 point is highly recommended), DOT helmet, and neck protection. Fire suits are also highly recommended.
5. All machines will be inspected prior to participating in the race and the park has the final say on rather the machine is safe to operate and what class the machine should be running in.
6. All machines will be provided a transponder and number plate by the Park that must be returned to the park after each race, any driver that does not return a transponder or a number plate will be responsible for reimbursing the park for the loss.
7. Any machine that has a false start leaves the track, misses a checkpoint or breaks a border tape will be disqualified, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!
8. Drivers will be permitted to use multiple trails and passes through the trail loop but must pass though the outer transponders. Any driver that does not pass through an outer transponder will be disqualified.
9. Any driver that does not obey track flags during a race will be disqualified.
10. Drivers must sign in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to race time.